Go Green

Californians, like most people around the country, are fast moving towards Green Energy for all the benefits it offers. In fact according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), more solar panels were installed in the past 18 months than the prior 30 years!

Solar was responsible for almost 30% of all new electricity generated in 2013, almost 3 times that of 2010.

In addition to solar, Californians are fast making the move to Electric Vehicles.
Electric vehicle users quickly realize the importance of truly being green, and are charging their electric vehicles with green electricity powered by their own solar panels. After all, what's the point of making the move to an electric vehicle and then powering it with dirty electricity?

This is the best time to make the switch to solar for your home or solar just for your electric vehicle.

Green Energy tax credits are readily available, but will expire soon. The 30% federal tax credits are due to expire at the end of 2016.
The efficiency of the home solar systems are at an all time high.

The costs are at an all time low! The cost per watt of silicon PV cells have dropped from over $76 in 1977 to below 36 cents today!

Net metering plans allow solar users to sell excess power back to the utility.

The only remaining hurdle most Californians face is financing. Golden Gate Green Finance has put this final obstacle to rest.

Golden Gate Green Finance has developed unique financing programs to allow most green buyers to quickly install solar power and claim the the huge tax credits and later roll into long term low interest fixed loan programs that keep the utility bill low and stable for years to come.

Our exclusive programs allow home and business owners to own and take full advantage of the tax credits and net metering without giving up these significant advantages in a lease or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Contact us today for more information and a no obligation analysis of your needs and your applicable benefits.

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