Invest Green

Short term and secure

Short term investments of up to 24 months earn lucrative
market rates while allowing us to provide low cost green energy installations for proud homeowners. By the end of the 24 month period our qualified homeowners either roll into low rate long term financing or would have liquidated other assets and paid off the loan. Loans are made to credit and income qualified homeowners and secured by the equipment and the property. Contact us to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

Good investments that do good 

Socially conscious investors have had only rare opportunities to make globally impactful investments and earn comparable returns to those available in the open market. An investment in renewable energy affords just such an opportunity.  Homeowners who have decided to make the environmentally and economically sound decision to convert their home to solar power or install a solar powered Electric Vehicle charger in their home often struggle with the lack of suitable financing. For most buyers the most attractive choice is to roll the solar costs into a new home loan or liquated other assets and pay cash. The demand for interim financing is growing. 
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